Child Education

To take up child health care issues as a major priority along with child development and education. And aspire to take every possible step to fight with infant mortality, child abuse, child labor, and trafficking in our country.
•To provide free meals, clothes, medicines, and other needy things to the poor, any needy children of widows, etc.
•To organize /construct shelter homes for homeless/helpless children.
•To provides free subsidies or free education to the poor, helpless, and needy children/ students.
•To provides free subsidies or free education to the poor, helpless, and needy children students.
•To establish and to the development such out of school activity centers for the children of the under-privilege class /section of society where they could have the benefits and joy of participating in sports, games artistic activities, like clay and woodwork, music,  dance, painting and also organize educational trips.
•To provide facilities of education to the children of all communities irrespective of their race, religion, caste or creed in general and to prepare them to become mature
and responsible citizens of the country through the all-around physical independent, academic, mental, and spiritual development based on values deserved from life.
•To start establishing, run, take, over, operate or manage and maintain schools, with an object of Primary, Senior secondary, and higher education to children by seeking recognition and affiliation from the education department and concerned Government authorities.