Women Empowerment

•To empower women to live with dignity and contributing as equal partners in development in an environment free from violence and discrimination.
•To encourage woman’s literacy.
•To organize community outreach programs for youth and women.
• To empower tribal women and committees through livelihood programs.
• To promote social and economic empowerment of women through cross-cutting policies and programs, mainstreaming gender concerns, creating awareness about their rights, and facilitating institutional legislative support for enabling them to realize their human rights and develop to their full potential.
•To undertake welfare activities and awareness programs on woman’s / child health and nutrition, equality, development, violence against women’s rural and tribal empowerment, etc.
•To promote self-defense among women to overcome antisocial elements of society. To fight against issues of female feticide in India, child sexual abuse,  Dowry system, alcohol abuse, love marriages, and honor clear clearing violence Rape.
• To empower women with education, skill development,  self-employment health awareness, artist development through various programs, events, women welfare centers, schools, institutions, etc. through the country.